samedi 21 novembre 2015

La viande rose

Ajoutée le 18 nov. 2015

This is for Paris, and Beirut, and Kenya, and Charleston, and so many others; for countless innocent people devastated by terrorism- which is just a word for organized hatred and inhumanity. We have to keep seeing the world in shades of rose- we have to keep hoping for peace and working for change and believing that with our art, our love, our knowledge, and most of all, our empathy and understanding for our fellow human beings, we can make a difference.
-- Rhiannon Giddens

Nos émotions s'imposent à nous avec la désarmante familiarité d'une vieille bouteille de pif déjà ouverte.
Et kicéti lou geeko dépressif qui va se retrouver à chialer devant son ordinateur dès 6 heures du matin s'il continue ses conneries ?

Charlie Hebdo, en vente partout.

Pour Kija, qui sait pourquoi.

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